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Where Science Meets Aesthetic Transformation

Cryo Skin

Discover the future of aesthetic enhancement at A Rejuvenated Healthcare with our revolutionary treatment, Cryo Skin. We’ve harnessed the power of advanced science to bring you an innovative and personalized approach to beauty and wellness. Say goodbye to traditional treatments and hello to a new era of transformative experiences. With Cryo Skin, the journey to a more confident and rejuvenated you begin here.

The New Frontier in Fat Reduction

Cryo Skin unveils a groundbreaking approach to fat reduction, challenging the status quo of traditional methods. This non-invasive treatment employs thermal shock to disintegrate fat cells, offering a safe and effective alternative to traditional liposuction. Here’s how it works:

Thermal Shock Process

Involves a meticulously controlled sequence of temperature changes. It commences with a precise application of heat, followed by an extended period of cold therapy. This is then seamlessly rounded off with another cycle of heat, resulting in a distinct and beneficial temperature shift.

Apoptosis Induction

This fluctuation in temperature triggers apoptosis, a meticulously controlled process of cell death.

Targeted Fat Cell Breakdown

Cryo Skin cools the targeted fat cells to a range between -6 and 6 degrees Celsius, leading to the breakdown of fat cells.

Natural Elimination

Over the subsequent days to weeks, the disintegrated fat cells make a natural exit from your body. This process of elimination occurs through the bloodstream and the lymphatic system.

Precision Targeting for Stubborn Fat

The strength of Cryo Skin lies in its ability to precisely target stubborn areas of fat. Through cryolipolysis, it freezes and eradicates fat from specific areas such as:


Love handles


Upper arms

Bra fat

Back fat

Banana roll

Double chin

Sessions typically last 35 to 60 minutes, offering a quicker and more comfortable experience than Coolsculpting. For best results, we recommend scheduling fat reduction treatments once every 14 days and lifting treatments every 7 days, allowing the body to efficiently eliminate waste without overloading the system.

The Advantages of Cryo Skin

Supported by clinical studies, Cryo Skin offers several benefits:

  1. Rapid Results: Some fat cells are destroyed during the session, and most are eliminated within 2 to 3 weeks.
  2. Enhanced Skin Health: The thermal shock, induced by alternating hot and cold cycles, improves microcirculation and significantly increases collagen production. This enhances your skin’s health and appearance.
  3. Non-Invasive and Safe: Unlike traditional liposuction, Cryo Skin is a non-invasive treatment that does not require any incisions or anesthesia. This greatly reduces the risk of side effects and complications.

Pain-Free: The treatment is comfortable and painless, with many clients reporting a soothing experience.

Addressing Paradoxical Adipose Hyperplasia (PAH)

When comparing Cryo Skin to Cool Sculpting for addressing paradoxical adipose hyperplasia (PAH), some key differences stand out:

  1. Risk of PAH: The risk of developing PAH is minimal with Cryo Skin, thanks to its hands-on massage technique using the T-Shock wand.
  2. Mechanism: Cryo Skin employs a hands-on massage technique with the T-Shock wand, whereas Cool Sculpting relies on a static block placed over the treatment area.

Safety and Effectiveness: Cryo Skin demonstrates significantly lower risk and associated symptoms of PAH, making it a safer and more effective choice compared to other cryolipolysis services.

Cryo Skin’s Anti-Aging Facials

Beyond fat reduction, Cryo Skin offers remarkable anti-aging benefits. The alternating cold and hot therapies stimulate the deep layers of collagen, effectively reversing skin sag associated with aging. The result? Plumper, firmer skin that surpasses the capabilities of other non-invasive techniques.

With our Cryo Skin facials, a precise coupling device is used to smooth out wrinkles and blemishes, creating a tighter skin appearance immediately after treatment. After 4-8 sessions, you’ll notice more youthful-looking skin, reduced puffiness around the eyes, and a smaller pore-size appearance.